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Michael Vince, Macmillan Prospects Beginner Workbook Macmillan Prospects Beginner Workbook

Prospects is a six-level secondary course for teenagers. The course offers a multi-level entry system to allow teachers to start the course at the most suitable level. Presentation of language includes specific grammar items, both new and to be revised, and a strong ...

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Naomi Simmons , Macmillan You and Me 2 Teacher's Book Macmillan You and Me 2 Teacher's Book

The Teacher's Book provides step-by-step plans for each lesson. There are core activities which cover the eight teaching session per week, as well as additional activities which can be used at the teacher's discretion. Included in the Teacher's Book are 18 photocopiable ...

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Macmillan Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder

James Fenimore Cooper

Macmillan Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder

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